Begin with the End in Mind


A few graphic tips.

When developing a graphic project, it is essential to know your final goals and scope of project.

Questions to ponder?

What will your graphic project look like when it's finished?

Is it a Power Point presentation, a flyer for a new business, business letterhead or a full page ad to place in a slick magazine? This is a good time to do a rough sketch. Be clear about the number of pages and the size of paper. What colors will the design have? Will you be using Artwork or Photographs? Do you have a idea about the fonts or page layout, or are those details you want your graphic designer to take care of ?

What is your overall graphic project budget?

Know that costs vary depending on the choices of color, type of paper used, number of hours involved in the development of the project and the type of project it is. A design created with four color processing will be more expensive than one done with two. Coated or glossy paper will inevitably cost more than uncoated paper. Needing only a few copies, that could be run on a color laser printer, will cost considerably less than having to outsource a job to a commercial printing press (usually meaning more than a few copies). And if 100's or 1000's of copies are needed, will you use a small local print house, an online printing house or a larger commercial printing press to print your job?

What is your graphic project deadline?

Is your project needing to be completed within a month, a week or by your wedding date? This is an important step in the process and is needed to keep your project on track and moving along in a timely fashion.

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